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Youhao Dyestuffs are suitable for dyeing and printing materials either on advanced equipment or by hand. They can be used in dyeing natural and synthetic fibres, including cotton, Linen, woolen, silk, viscose, nylon, polyester and mixed fivre fabrics.
Youhao Dyestuffs are good in dyeing rain and wind resistant materials and sportswear. In addition to being used in textile industry, they can be used in timber, paper, leather, strawware, feathers, typewriter ribbons, carbon paper, printing ink and cosmetics.
T.P. Brand pigments include brilliant shades of the following ranges: Momoazo, Disazo, Phthalocyanine, Solvent(oil), Colour Lake, Iron Oxide of Organic & Inorganic pigments which are suitable for manufacturing Printing ink, Paints, Enamel, Paste pigments, Plastic, Rubber, Building Material, Coatings as well as culture & education articles etc. to achieve ideal results.

“EVERBRIGHT: & “DYCOS” are two of the earliest chemical brands established and registered by Sinochem. Inheriting and developing by several generations of Sinochem employee, after business consolidation in year 2009, Everbright is managed by run on unique platform of “Sinochem Tianjin Co. Ltd”. They are also the most famours brands besides of “TP ” & “Youhao”.
“EVERBRIGHT: & “DYCOS” are mainly specialized by “Sinochem Tianjin Co. Shanghai branch”. Depending on its advantaged conditions of local fine chemical foundation and strength, integrating the production capacity in area of yangtze delta, the complete product series of pigment、dyestuff & auxiliary have been formed. Selling worldwide and by support of sole distributor in some countries, our brands are well accepted in international market.



SUNFLOWER brand printing ink 
SUNFLOWER brand printing ink is a superior product exporting by us.
The main scopes are as follows:
l. High gloss quick set offset printing ink-GS series
2. High gloss offset printing ink-GK series
3. Offset printing ink-RT series
4. Web-offset printing ink
5. Letterpress printing ink
6. Waterbase flexo printing ink
Our business scope also includes SlNOAIR brand Compressible Blanket Positiue PS plate. 


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