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Welcome to the website of Sinochem Tianjin. Hoping through this window, we can strengthen the communication between each other, establish friendship, promote understanding, promote cooperation, and search communal development.
      Sinochem Tianjin established in April 1st 1949. In the process of development for dozens of years, Sinochem Tianjin obtained million help and support from all our friends in many fields. Sinochem Tianjin is growing up, and always keep the statue of top 500 in the national import and export volume. Please express our best wishes and thanks to all of our friends on behalf of our staffs.
      In more than 60 years of enterprise history, Sinochem Tianjin offers high quality products and services by the tireless efforts of all the staff. The service chain which take independent research and development, independent producing, marketing network, warehousing logistics as the characteristic are taking shape as well.
      Seeing into the future, our company will seize the great opportunity of the socialist market economic system’s constantly improving, consolidating the industry status, improving managing ability roundly, and providing the product and service in high quality to customers all around the word as always. We will constantly improve the value of company and achieve our aim by sincere and industry. In future’s development, we will cooperate with counterparts, customers and friends of all fields inside the country or not as always.
                                                                                        The general Manager: Jianguo Han

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