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Our company has invested in Tianjin Port Sinochem Tianjin Binhai Logistics Co., Ltd., and Tianjin Port Sinochem Dangerous Goods Logistics Co., Ltd., including the main hazardous chemicals storage, transportation, freight forwarding business, the largest hazardous chemicals logistics center in Tianjin Port.

Sinochem Tianjin Binhai Logistic Corporation
Sinochem Tianjin Binhai Logistic Corporation Founded in 1965, which is a large logistic base for dangerous chemicals, a transfer center of containers, stock yard of bulk goods and Tianjin customs warehouse for dangerous goods. The Corporation locates in Tianjin Port with advantageous geographic predominance and 1.2 km of distance between the warehouse and dock. The Corporation occupies a land area of 130,000 square meters. There are 16 warehouses for dangerous chemicals totaling 28,500 ㎡, containers stock yard of 50,000 ㎡ and bulk goods stock yard of 20,000 ㎡. There are two railways in warehouse area to handle all kinds of dangerous chemicals including containers, connecting No.2 and No.4 Road of Xingang port.


Tianjin Port Sinochem DG Logistics Co., Ltd.
Tianjin Port Sinochem DG Logistics Co., Ltd. was registered in Tianjin in November 7th, 2006. It’s hold by Sinochem Tianjin and Tianjin Port Logistics Development Co., Ltd. The company has the most complete qualification of the dangerous goods storage management, the qualification of international freight forwarding and the approval certification of the storage of dangerous chemicals. The company also has the most advanced goods container yard, warehouse and operating equipment, it’s the only dangerous goods inspection yard determined by Tianjin customs, the only dangerous goods inspection area Certified by the Marine Bureau. The company's perfect business management system has been included in Tianjin Port EDI network management systems and customs control "double release of information" and arrived in customs network, offering the comprehensive, efficient operation and management for the goods. Our specialization in Chemical operations and strong chemical logistics management with dedicated HSE management team will support Safety and Quality requirements in operations.               

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