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In order to maximize the role of the researchers, research and development equipment and other resources, company implement vertical management of “integrated” research, unified by the research and development department which is responsible for managing the company’s research, following set R&D center and pilotscale experiment center. Also the research and development department is in charge of Sinochem Tianjin- Joint Laboratory of Shenyang Institute for daily communication and coordination.
      The R&D center is located in Shenyang downtown area, an area of about 800 square meters, to carry out research and development of our new products and new technology.
           “Sinochem Tianjin-Shenyang Institute Joint Laboratory dyeing” keeps the purpose of strengthening dye research and development work, dedicate to the improvement of overall level of research and innovative development capability; to speed up the process of industrialization of dyes scientific research for providing our company first-hand mature and high-level scientific research; promote technological transformation; improve economic efficiency; speed up the pace with international standards.

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